Exercise 1: Exploring Endpoints with HAL Browser

1. Open the HAL Browser landing page


2. Communities and Collections

Use the HAL Browser to explore the community and collection endpoints.

2a. List all Communities

Use the HAL Browser to list all communities.


Note the search operation that exists.

2b. Search for all top level communities

Use the HAL Browser to list all top level communities.


2c. Expand the embedded community resources

In the “Embedded Resources” section, expand a specific top level community

2d. Request a specific community

After retrieving a specific community…


Explore the community

2e. Request Collections within a subcommunity

Use the HAL Browser to navigate to a subcommunity that contains collections. List those collections. api/core/communities/[uuid]/collections

2f. Expand an embedded collection resource

Expand a collection in the embedded resources section of the HAL Browser to look at its data.

3. Browse the Items

An anonymous user can only browse public items. Access to the


endpoint is restricted to administrator. Try! you will get a Forbidden 403 response

3a. List all the browses

Use the HAL Browser to list all the available browses index in the repository.

3a. Browse items by title

Use the HAL Browser to browse the public items in the repository by title.


3b. Browse the authors

Use the HAL Browser to browse the repository author index.


3c. Browse the items by author

Use the HAL Browser to browse the items for a specific author.


4. View the details of an item

4a. View a specific item

Use the HAL Browser to view the details of a specific item, use the self link to access directly the item. Note how the URL is changed


4b. View the owning collection for an item

Use the HAL Browser to view the owning collection for a specific item.


4c. View the bitstreams for an item

Use the HAL Browser to view the bitstreams for a specific item.


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