MacOS setup for Docker DSpace

Install Docker Desktop

Open a terminal

Open terminal (in Applications/Utilities)

Install Git

In your terminal, type the following command. If git is not yet installed, you will be prompted to install developer tools. Proceed with the installation.

git version

Verify Running Docker from your Terminal

docker run -it --rm ubuntu /bin/bash

Enter echo hello then enter exit

root@653eeaeb274b:/# echo hello
root@653eeaeb274b:/# exit

Download DSpace Docker Compose Files

git clone
cd DSpace-Docker-Images/docker-compose-files/dspace-compose

Verify Docker Compose

docker-compose version

Check your download of DSpace Compose Files

docker-compose config | grep container_name

Verify your memory allocation for Docker

Note: DSpace Docker requires a minimum of 5-6G of RAM allocated to Docker in order to run.

Run the following command to verify your memory allocation for Docker.

docker info | grep Memory

If less that 5G has been allocated to Docker, you can configure memory for Docker.

Start using DSpace-Docker