Automated Builds for Your DSpace Contributions

If you are a frequent contributor to DSpace, you can automate the build of Docker images for your contribution branches. This will enable other DSpace developers to quickly review and test your changes.

Create an Automated Build

Sign into DockerHub with your account

From the menu, choose “Create -> Create Automated Build”

Click “Create Auto-build Github”

Carefully review the permissions that have been requested and grant access if you are comfortable.

Select your DSpace fork


On the “Create Automated Build” screen

Keep the repository name of “DSpace”. For the “Short Description” enter “PR Contributions”. Click “Create”


Go to Build Settings

Create a rule to generate a build for all new branches.

Note, with an unpaid account on DockerHub, builds will queue up. You can choose to trigger builds manually rather than automatically.


Push a new branch named “Test-Build” to your repo

Go to Build Details

Note the status of the builds that are running. You should see a build for branch “Test-Build”.