Developing Standalone DSpace Angular connected to an External REST service

The DSpace Angular UI has a client (js) and a server component (Node js). Each component needs to point to the proper REST API.

1. Pre-requisites

export ANGULAR_SRC=$(pwd)
export DPROJ=d7

2. Using Docker Compose

Run Docker compose

docker-compose -p $DPROJ up -d

This will start 1 container: Node - Angular.

$ docker ps -a
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                        COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                                            NAMES
a987d9a6fb2a        dspace/dspace-angular-bare   "/bin/sh -c /tmp/sta…"   13 minutes ago      Up 5 minutes>3000/tcp,>9876/tcp   dspace-angular

3. Open DSpace in a Browser

4. Stopping DSpace

To stop DSpace, the following command can be run. The image will be retained in a stopped state.

docker-compose -p $DPROJ stop

You can destroy the images with the following command. This command will be necessary to run if you change the compose file that you are using.

docker-compose -p $DPROJ down

6. Restarting DSpace

docker-compose -p $DPROJ up -d

7. Destroying Docker Resources

docker-compose -p $DPROJ down